in wrestling world the new company is AEW


The new professional wrestling company is all elite wrestling. It conducts only one show, and it was a big success. all wrestling fans are expecting AEW is the best competitor for wwe.we can discuss the best picks of all elite wrestling

10.jungle boy:

Jungle boy original name jack perry.he is the son of actor luke perry.he is born on June 15 in 1997. He had a charismatic look, and he is just 22 years old boy.this is the best pick of AEW because of great wrestlers made by great professionals so he will build in right way in future he produces excellent entertainment. Everyone likes new things

9.awesome kong:

Awesome kong real name is Kia Stevens she had a great career in wrestling entertainment throughout the world except in the WWE.she is a legend in women’s wrestling and five-time women’s champion. Her experience is useful to the AEW development in women’s division.

8.jimmy havoc:

Another great pick of AEW is the jimmy havoc. He belongs to the nightmare family. Nightmare zoner is the successful storyline in wresting it produces excellent matches. So, we have to wait and see how the AEW use jimmy havoc

7.The lucha brothers:

Lucha’s tag team combo is extraordinary in every wrestling event. Their high fly abilities extremely entertain the fans. The real-life brother’s Pentagon.jr and Finix were starting a career in 2015, they are performing different wrestling events like total impact and lucha MMA and independent circuit. Lucha brothers are knowing figures in professional wrestling and give exciting matches.

6.joey Janela:

Joey Janela is not famous name world wrestling, but he is very active in the independent circuit and produces a lot of hardcore matches and famous for highly risky moves. He started his career in his 15 years of age. Now he had a 3 years contract with AEW.definitely, we will see high rated hardcore matches in AEW.

5.young bucks:

I think the Young Bucks are playing all wrestling in the world.they are performing in WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW and other wrestling events.they are very famous for high fly moves, and they had an ability produce powerhouse matches also and they also members of bullet club. young bucks are one of the crucial players of AEW

4.chris Jericho:

He is one of the most charismatic figures in the wrestling industry. I surely say his glamour is helpful to AEW success.he is most talkative and gives best in any situation.his experience and charisma make TRP ratings.AEW is planning air the show on television

3.kenny omega:

Kenny Omega, a great performer and he is a show stopper. His never give up the ability is one of the main things of his success.he is the leader of the bullet club. He performs in NJPW with Kota ibushi under the name of golden lovers. I think his hard work is key to AEW success?

2.cody Rhodes:

In history books, most of the successful wrestlers are coming under WWE. But Cody Rhodes fate is different he is everyday fights for the success in the WWE and day he leaves wwe then what happened? He builds the route for his success, and he makes the route for AEW. Now AEW is competing with a fan I am delighted. His verbal and creative skills take top position .who are accept?

1.Jon Moxley:

Do you know Jon Moxley? Your answer is absolute NO.but he had another name that name is Dean Ambrose. The former member of shield and former wwe superstar and the crowd puller now in all elite wrestling sounds looks like crazy. Yaa i is a really crazy thing for AEW.

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