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Kabir Singh Pre-review

Kabir Singh is an upcoming Bollywood film directed by Sandeep Reddy vanga and acted by Shahid Kapoor and Kaira Advani. Originally Kabir Singh is a remake of Telugu cult classic movie Arjun reddy. The lead actors of Arjun reddy gain overnight stardom.

Is it possible to recreate the magic?

              In this film, the intensity and aggression are very high it is one of the most substantial reasons to make a remake, but the idea of the remake is to produce a lot of risks like comparisons and nativity.

This remake gives too many questions because it was already a blockbuster in areas like acting, directing. So it is tough to capitalize on the original film after the release of the trailer of Kabir Singh it creates positivity and expectations.

positives of the Kabir Singh

1.Shahid kapor: initially, at the beginning of shooting the familiar audience think no one can match the performance of original lead actor Vijay devarakonda.but in the trailer the most underrated actor of Bollywood shows the same intensity, and it is quite lovely to see in the role of Kabir Singh.

 2.bekayaaali hits the hearts of youth:   4 days back the team of Kabir Singh releases Bekayaali gains a tremendous response from the audience. The people with Kabir and Preethi got 24 million views on youtube

3.Raw factorT:he raw factor of narration is attracted to the present generation, and definitely stole the hearts it’s already proved in Telugu.

 final assumption verdict is Kabir Singh is turning as the best movie of Shahid Kapoor

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