nani gang leader release date and firstlook


A few minutes back, Nani gang leader trailer was out. Pencil, a famous thriller writer in Telugu. Five ladies are an approach pencil to design a revenge plan for taking revenge on Kartikeya.this is the story in Nani gang leader.
The director vikram.k.kumar cuts the trailer in a different style. It creates a positive note on the movie because the combination scenes of Nani and Laxmi generates comedy and Kartikeya looks are promising in a negative role. Malayali actress Priyanka Arul Mohan looks are beautiful, and it is her debut film in Telugu. Tamil music composer Anirudh gives the songs and background score, and character artist sharanya also play a key role in this movie.

Trailer final verdict:
Nani and the lady gang serves a revenge journey with comedy.
Release date:
on sep 13,2019 this movie released in the theatres.

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